This picture was taken along Peachtree Stree in Atlanta. Not far from where Peachtree runs through downtown is a street which was once called the "Black Peachtree". Its Auburn Avenue, and the blocks surrounding it make up a part of town nicknamed "Sweet Auburn". In the early part of the 20th century, it was a thriving center for black businesses and social life. Banks, insurance companies, shops, and famous night clubs flourished here.
By the late 60's the area started falling into decline as desegregation allowed residents moved away. Construction of Atlanta's main interstate bisected the avenue, not helping matters. In this folder, the first three pictures are from downtown Atlanta, and the remaining four show what Sweet Auburn looks like today.
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between Mecca and Medina

Going through some negatives from the trip to Saudi... I'd passed over this one earlier.
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Scaling back

First time I really picked up a camera since the Peru trip a month ago. I tried a couple of times since but didn't get too far.

Simplifying a bit seems to help. This photo was taken with a toy camera. The rest of the pictures are here.
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Machu Picchu

The pictures from Machu Picchu can be found here. Cuzco and Lima still to come.
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Still putting together all the Peru pictures, but for now, you can check out pictures from the Sacred Valley of the Incas here.
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machu picchu

The rest from the Peru trip are coming soon... trying to salvage some photos from film that was likely fogged up going though x-rays.

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over the wasatch mountains

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the commute

doing this is perfectly safe

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I took this picture in Munich, this church is in the center of town. Its massive. There are building all the way around it so you could never back up enough to be able to look at the whole thing. Reminds me of a Simpsons episode:

Homer: Don't worry son, I'll build you a new treehouse, one so grand that it will be an affront to God himself.
Bart: Can it have a rope ladder that you can pull up after you?
Homer: Only if it's an affront to God...

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