This picture was taken along Peachtree Stree in Atlanta. Not far from where Peachtree runs through downtown is a street which was once called the "Black Peachtree". Its Auburn Avenue, and the blocks surrounding it make up a part of town nicknamed "Sweet Auburn". In the early part of the 20th century, it was a thriving center for black businesses and social life. Banks, insurance companies, shops, and famous night clubs flourished here.
By the late 60's the area started falling into decline as desegregation allowed residents moved away. Construction of Atlanta's main interstate bisected the avenue, not helping matters. In this folder, the first three pictures are from downtown Atlanta, and the remaining four show what Sweet Auburn looks like today.
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between Mecca and Medina

Going through some negatives from the trip to Saudi... I'd passed over this one earlier.
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Scaling back

First time I really picked up a camera since the Peru trip a month ago. I tried a couple of times since but didn't get too far.

Simplifying a bit seems to help. This photo was taken with a toy camera. The rest of the pictures are here.
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01 Jul - 31 Jul 2005
01 Aug - 31 Aug 2005



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Sobia (atlanta): Hey, haven't seen a new post in a while...I'm wondering who took the pic you enter from and where was…
Hervé (atlanta): I voted for bad ... It was an accident !!! I wanted to vote + !!! Sory ! :,-(
Hervé (atlanta): I like your pictures, in particular black and white ones. This photo is perfect. The clouds are refle…
Arun Verma (atlanta): Beautiful pictures on your blog. I particularly loved this one. ~ Aun
Jose (atlanta): Espectacular. S aludos, Jose joj
jp (between Mecca and…): truly a thousand words... thanks for sharing.
Baris (between Mecca and…): Faboulous...
simon (between Mecca and…): really good..
Pavel Richter (atlanta): very nice photo! i like this unconventional angles...
Jorge Miente (atlanta): Es grande. Parece sacado de los años 30. ;-)
Alan (Frauenkirche): Ah...the Frauenkirche in Munich. A very nice church....but hardly an affront to anyone. You should …
Alan (Ollaytantambo): Very nice pictures. A very large battle (one of the last between the Spanish conquistadors and the I…
Alan (Machu Picchu): Your photos show how lonely the site is. It must have seemed that way for the Inca too. Their empir…
adnan (atlanta): As a side note, these pictures mark an all-Iford work flow, switching over from Kodak. The first thr…
Ryan Estes (between Mecca and…): What a picture to pass over. I'm glad you found it again. Some of these shots are truly arresting.
Dave (between Mecca and…): Wow, this is simply incredible. Truly superb.
sobia (between Mecca and…): Your pictures are truly fantastic.
Marco (over the wasatch …): Great!
Kaarel (over the wasatch …): interesting shot
GKP (Scaling back): Such lonely shots...they make me sad...all the best with your photography Adnan!
adnan (Scaling back): its a "feature" of this particular camera.
shah jehan (Scaling back): Yikes! That picture has a serious vignetting problem! Or is that apart of the entire effect?
Sidney (Scaling back): Nice effect and composition !
adnan (Scaling back): Hello Maria, thanks. I used Ilford HP5+ souped in Kodak HC-110.
maria (Scaling back): These holga shots are wonderful! what film were you using?
Marco (Scaling back): Love your Stile!
Anonymous (machu picchu): This picture is amazing!
adnan (Frauenkirche): No, not a pinhole, but that is something I'd like to try out!
Papiromano (Frauenkirche): Prettyprettyful blog... Casuality because my sister is watchin simpsons now sorry by my amateur eng…
Aisha (Machu Picchu): You've got the gift, mash'allah. Good pics.
chiaroscuro (Machu Picchu): Your monochrome images have a lovely tonal range. Very nice work.
ee (Machu Picchu): Fantastic pics. I enjoyed them quite a bit.
J Kluska (machu picchu): Well done. Very nice composition.
Joe Kluska (Machu Picchu): Now this shot is sweet! Just came from really nice stuff here!
enriko (over the wasatch …): hey great picture! nice work on those ruins in peru.
Sidney (Ollaytantambo): Nice view of the Valley. Great blog !



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